Linux Bash Script to ping endpoints and log it in a file

Hello, I made a small script that ping google and if it fails it do some ping check on the network to find the source of the error, i think it s a good idea to share it in case you troubleshoot an issue vi while true do ping -c1 -W 1 >/dev/null... Continue Reading →


IKEv2 Routed VPN Microsoft Azure to Cisco ASA

Hello guys, I had to configure a tunnel with Azure to Cisco ASA. The easiest way is to do it static subnet to subnet but our requirement is to do a routed vpn ikev2. This is a new feature and was introduced for Ikev1 2 years ago and Ikev2 last year at the time of... Continue Reading →

All about http chunked responses

A short background on HTTP and the 'Content-Length' header : When sending requests over HTTP (hence, 'the web'), we send an HTTP request which consists of two main parts - the header of the request and the body. The header defines various details of the request body (e.g.: encoding type, cookies, request method, etc.). One... Continue Reading →

Firewall My Compute Instances

If you’re the least bit security conscious, your reaction might be, “No way! I can’t have my instances sitting right on the Internet without any protection”. Fear not, reader. This post will explain the mechanisms that the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) affords you to protect your instances. Security Groups In a nutshell: security groups... Continue Reading →

IPSEC Tunnel LAN-to-LAN template

Hello guys, Some friends asked me when to create a IPSEC LAN-to-LAN tunnel how to communicate with the other engineer, specially if he has a different vendor and not same GUI/CLI, here a template i use: Site-To-Site IPSec VPN Proposal Contact (Technical) : Name : Email address : Mobile Number : Firewall Vendor : Type... Continue Reading →

ASA DPD ipsec tunnel vpn

Hello guys, This article may help some people that run through the same problem as i saw today. We have a ipsec tunnel ikev1 configured between our asa and one of our partner that has a fortigate firewall after the reload of our firewall What i saw today was that the tunnel down from the... Continue Reading →

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