IPSEC Tunnel LAN-to-LAN template

Hello guys, Some friends asked me when to create a IPSEC LAN-to-LAN tunnel how to communicate with the other engineer, specially if he has a different vendor and not same GUI/CLI, here a template i use: Site-To-Site IPSec VPN Proposal Contact (Technical) : Name : Email address : Mobile Number : Firewall Vendor : Type... Continue Reading →


ASA DPD ipsec tunnel vpn

Hello guys, This article may help some people that run through the same problem as i saw today. We have a ipsec tunnel ikev1 configured between our asa and one of our partner that has a fortigate firewall after the reload of our firewall What i saw today was that the tunnel down from the... Continue Reading →

The revolution of internet

Hello guys, Today i would like to talk about the revolution of the internet and where it's going to take us. Since the world is changing i found the video of Balaji Srinivasan talking about how the future of internet will be. We already know that software is eating the world like VOIP took down... Continue Reading →

First Blog Post

Hello friends, Welcome to my small blog, my name is Faek Soussi I m a network engineer with over 10 years experience, i love what i m doing and i m starting this blog to share some technologies and real world scenarios that i did encounter that may save you time I hold the below... Continue Reading →

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